There is no better place in the world to start off your married life than in Amazing Thailand.

A Select Vacations holiday in Thailand offers much more than shady palm trees and crystal clear waters. Beneath the surface of this tropical paradise is a country that offers you an exotic blend of eastern culture and western influence. Variety is indeed the spice of life in Thailand and its natural beauty is not only limited to beaches and islands. Hills, mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls and caves all feature in the picturesque landscapes that present a refreshing contrast to the exotic cities and beach resorts. Not only are the attractions rich and varied, there is also a holiday to suit all preferences and budgets.

Just as you choose, you can escape to a tropical island hideaway, laze on a pristine sandy beach, go mountain biking amid high, forest clad hills, journey along the Chao Phraya River on a luxurious rice barge, explore the flora or fauna in the numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, or immerse yourself in the culture and history. Fun, frolic, fanfare, feasting and fantasy can be yours. There is simply no other country in the world like Thailand. Come and see for yourself!

Destination Information:

Getting There:

Select Vacations offers economy & business class airfares with Thai international, Qantas Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines & British Airways.


If you are and Australian passport holder planning a short holiday in Thailand you do not require a Thailand visa and may enter Thailand for up to 30 days. For longer stays ask your travel agent or go to the Thailand Tourist webs site.


Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Thailand.

Currency & Credit Cards

Thai Currency is called Baht (BHT) The banknotes are 20,50.100.500 & 100 and Coins of 1, 5 & 10 Baht. The majority of credit cards are accepted at most resorts, bars and high end shops and restaurants. Smaller shops and restaurants will only accept cash.


The Thai's divide the year into three seasons: the cool season, hot season, and rainy season. For most westerners, this translates to "hot," "really hot," and "really hot and wet." Temperatures rarely drop below 25° C. the average year round temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. High humidity can be expected between the months of April to October. The dry season months of November to March have also the lowest humidity. The very best months to visit are between November to March.

Getting around:

In Bangkok transportation is easy to find. There are many tuk-tuks, taxi’s and buses available and the Sky train offers easy access to the International airport. Domestic flights can be booked with Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and Air Asia. As transport prices are very reasonable it may be worth paying the extra and having your own private vehicle and driver.

What to Wear

As Thailand is very hot most tourists wear casual attire including shorts and golf or t-shirts with women wearing skirts and dresses made of cotton. In hotels the air-conditioning can be very cool so it is worth taking a shawl or lightweight sweater. In temples, long trousers or skirts must be worn.

Shoes should always be removed when entering temples and private houses. For this reason, most Thais wear slip-on shoes to avoid constantly tying and untying laces.

General Tips:

Shop to you drop – great bargains but be aware many items are copies

Enjoy some superb Thai food Visit the Grand Palace Bangkok

The head is the most sacred part of the body, so should not be touched.

Monks should on no account be touched in any way by women

Go see some Thai Boxing

Take an elephant ride in Chiang Mai

Visit the “Floating Market” out of Bangkok

Visit “James Bond island in Phang Nga Bay from Phuket