Ratua Private Island



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Enjoy an ultimate Eco-Luxury Private Island getaway, in an individual guest house for 2!

Located in the Vanuatu Archipelago, off the South East tip of Espiritu Santo, Ratua Island is only a 30-minute motorboat journey from the mainland on our own private motor launch.
The weather is generally pleasant as two much larger islands protect it–Aore to the north and Malo to the south.
Finally, nestled between Aore and Malo, south of Espiritu Santo was our destination, Ratua. This stunningly beautiful isle, in its green setting, welcomed us, a preserved sanctuary, wild yet accessible. Right away we decided to adopt the island, and after a few meetings the local elders entrusted their treasure to our care.

We pondered during the long hours sailing back to civilisation on the necessity of preserving Ratua without concession, on how to live there harmoniously whilst avoiding its destruction.

We recreated a living environment without compromising the integrity of the place by renovating forty houses in total respect of their ancestral architecture.  Two years later each house had been carefully blended into its natural surroundings so as to preserve the sense of our first encounter and the uniqueness of the place. All aspects of life on Ratua are derived from this concept–transport on horseback, return of indigenous fauna, sea links using traditional crafts and organic cooking.

This hotel goes above and beyond for your comfort. It is thought through to the smallest detail and should you still miss anything it’s only a call away. The food is delicious, the view is amazing, the staff is ready to fulfil all your wishes.


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